Scan your piece of music – and start practicing right away!

Did you get a new piano piece from your teacher? Do you want to play your old favorite song that was forgotten in the drawer? With Halbestunde you have the perfect companion at your side.


Place your notes on the desk or elsewhere and make sure they are well lit.
Now scan the notes with your mobile phone. That doesn´t take longer than 30 seconds.


Your notes are now digitized! You can listen to them from any point, change the pace, enable left-hand or right-hand parts only. It’s all under your control.


Start playing the piece on your instrument. The app will listen to your play and mark whether you have made mistakes or not. It can recognize note and rhythm errors. And you can always compare your play with the original.

Your Productivity
Boosted With Halbestundeüben

We’re excited to release the first version of our app. We are continuously working on adding new features and improving the existing ones. So stay tuned for updates in the upcoming weeks!
We want to bring out the best possible experience for musicians, so we kindly ask for feedback. Your opinion is important to us!

The Wait Is Finally Over

Change the way you keep in touch & enjoy a stress free life.


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